How I Met a Nagual

How I Met a Nagual

How I met a Nagual

How I met a Nagual :According to the published in Coyoacan BBS in 1994.

Well, a promise is a promise and here is the story of the nick,for the people that had already readen it in the cave here are more details.

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Episode One

Now, I’m 22 years old, but the story comes from the last elections when I was 16,in that time I had 2 years of doing weight-lift-ing and I was in 2nd of high school in the high school number 6 in Guadalajara. One saturday’s afternoon I was going up a hill that was on the way to the school, Isaw a truck coming up quickly and it was going to run over a girl, I ran and pushed her and was ran over.

I was thrown 6 meters direct to the pavement with the head down and Iwas hit on the neck, but how I did a lot exercise I had a bull neck and is how I didn’t break it in that moment.suddenly it was crowded and the truck escaped, I had terrible pains, but in that moment an indian appeared wearing trousers of corduroy and a shirt of a sack.

He told me «You were fucked it»

I said «you are a good observer»

He answered «If you want Ican help you,but you have to go one day to my house to visit me»

I thought «What is he thinking about?» but how Iwas feeling terrible I told him yes. He was kneeling and took my neck and twisted it that I lost conscious.

When I waked up I was at home in bed and in one’s side there was the girl that was going to be run over and I asked her how I’ve arrived there and she told me that the red cross made a check up and said that I should rest because I had a pull on my neck and the paramedics said that in my wallet there was my address and they took me to home but the indian gave a paper to the girl on which there was his address.

Some months later I knew that the girl was in risk of die by some agents because she had evidences of the results of the political elections that there were going to be false (she had the results one month in advanced for the elections) I deal with her for a time always as a friend because she was 3 years older than me. In spite of she was very nice and I should be in alert. The story of the elections finished when one day I was arriving to her house and some agents tryed to hit me I tryed to defend myself with a wrench. She was studying laws in the faculty and she told them if there were problems one of the teachers of the faculty was going to send an envelope to the newspapers in Guadalajara one day before of the elections.

Episode Two

Some months later of going out with her we didn’t have enough money and we decided to do a pic-nic and she found in her clothes the address of that indian. It started raining and we got on my car and return to the city and told her why not go to look for the indian and she said o.k.

After some time we found the neighbourhood and it was like «La Napoles» we thought that’s rare that an indian lives there or maybe he was the driver of one house or maybe he was lying, then we find the address and we knock the door this was open by a thin woman she was too brown but she wasn’t black she seemed me indian of pure race, she was observing us and asked what we wanted.

I showed her the paper given by the indian and told her the circunstances that it was given to us, then she said «AH you are here. I’m goin for the master» she closed the door on our noses and we were out of it after some minutes the door was opened by that indian but he was wearing a suit of three pieces. I know of suits and I’ll think that it was expensive maybe 900 dollars or more. I know what are you imagining.

Then the Master told me «you carried out your promise in coming here; the thing that I’m going to offer you is not a game and maybe is the most important decision of your life.if you want you can go out.if you cross the door (He pointed the door with the foot) your life will be totally diferent and you can win the encourage to defense what you respect. in exchange for you’ll lost the egoistic interests and your life could be changed in a hell if you came back after have already entered and you (He pointed her )can come if you want, but for you there isn’t something special maybe you had the same fortune or maybe not. If you don’t come in close the door.» And he came into the house.

I felt too brave (The things that someone does when there is a pretty girl) and I came in she followed me and we went to a living room of high position the master was drinking coffee and his servant brought a too heavy metal box and he offered us coffee and we started to talk he told us that he had some properties near the high-school and that he used to wear indian clothes to visit them but he had problems and people near didn’t give the information that he needed and the people showed false.Besides, he said the wardrobe is matter of preferences, the important thing is the content not the form.

The girl (was named Yolanda,but as I went out with other Yolandas I’m going to name her Rosalba) asked the indian how he could cure me without leaving footprints of the accident tht I had that day.

He said tha he was good at healing people with their bones and that I was in a situation of life or die and that my bones were big and strong and he had to put in order my skeleton doing something like breaking it in the opposite way and that’s why I had that terrible pain on my neck.

My father had a medical background and he taught me principles of endocrinology, acupuncture and iridiology, and we talked about that for long time and he told me that I always can come to visit his house and there was not problem if I take Rosalba with me.

In the following months happened some things, but I have to give you antecedents. My stepmother believed that she knew a lot of astrology but in reality she was in a rare and confuse situation and I had a sailor friend and I thought that the sailors needed to place the planets for location purposes, and I went to see him. He sent me with another sailor who taught me how to do sky charts (placed of the planets in the sky with cientific rules) and I started reading astrology books of my stepmother to know if I can get something practical about the character, because I was rally interested in the statistics and I thought that if I can use the astrology at the ends of statistics I could see if it was true or false.

For about 8 or 9 months I went with that girl to that house of that master, because there were delicious coffee of grain and cakes and we had good chat.

One day this girl talked about the astrology and the master was interested about it and he started doing questions and I answered him in short that with the astrology there is something frequent that is named GRAN TRINO (three planets in a triagule in the sky), and I had it with the planets that means regeneration, of duty and life.

He asked me my date of birth and took some numbers I knew later that it was numerology or the study of the people by their names (in the next Huateque (party) there are examples) and he tryed to say that I’m rare in different aspects then he opened the metallic box which he didn’t have appart from him and he took out a tarot of 78 cards.

Don’t lost the next episode of the Nagual story part 3.

Episode Three

He took out the tarot and asked me to shuffle.Took out one card that there was the knight of disks and I didn’t know anything.When suddenly arrived seven or eight women and three or four men but they waited by the side of the kitchen far from the place where the cards were read. Rosalba was sent to the kitchen.

I didn’t know what he saw on the cards but he told me the story that I just said in the cave about «Naguales» here is again.

According to the age of the conquest the Aztecs were killed who could organise an effective resistance when the battle came to the end in which women fought against spaniards with the motivation of the escaping the masters from Calmecac and other schools where young people were educated. There were other men and women too old they were well known as the eat-sins (it was something like the confesion with catholics) and only those eat-sins and the master-priests of Calmecac who could organise a resistance, and in one council they decided to escape from away and arrive to Tula where they’ll join on the foot of the Atlantes in the next new moon.

They are people with a will, a purpose. They are not the heirs of the toltecs, aztecs or others dead people. They were people with reality matters in that time.

The term of Nagual or Nahual is not really known, but it’s known that those eat-sins had a coyote as a pet and this is something true by the Toltecs who years ago had a force of elite, Named the Coyote warriors or coyote knights. As the men and indians of Cortes who didn’t know how to find the fugitives because the farmers hid them in their houses, and they decided to invent stories about that the Naguales were transformed in wolves or coyotes and that they ate babies, to take apart from the town’s help and this is a kind of tales about Naguales besides that in rare ocassions in what the fugitives were captured they wanted to fight until die instead of being captured by the saint inquisition,because the spaniards said that the indian people were possessed by the demons when they fought for their life.

In Tula there were found one hundred or more fugitives, who maybe can be grouped as «Naguales» for the common goals and purpose. I’m going to name Naguales. A lot of people wanted to be the nucleus of this movement and some took in account that it was silly to put face to face with the spaniards and someones dont know if the current way of life was already dead.

The reality isn’t known but there were people renegading about their promises and common sense and some never left or returned to Tenochtitlan and others to Teotihuacan or to their birthday places where they were identificated and killed. The old masters of Calmecac and others decide to go with the way of conservative of secrets, for fifty years was made a system of believes that I will say in other «post» if there are people interested in it. Only sixteen Naguales decided to dedicate their lives to the knowledge of the purification a little bit that the spaniards let come in. As they were celibates decided in a moment to go to live to another place far from everything, with a group of people that they named as a joke the team of the Nagual, because according to the spaniards the starving coyotes settledsome regions by the teams of fugitives that they had a deal with the devil to survive in form of coyotes.

I forget that there were some of the one hundred originals that decided in spite of everything to enfront the spaniards and there was a terrible massacre the only survivors were the only sixteen because they didn’t want to be in excess of self-confidence.

How some of these sixteen have promised not to have woman, they took in account of their efforts they knew that they were going to fall if there wasn’t another Nagual who took the flag and the principles to transmit the rules, so they decided to form three groups of men.


  • The wise man,The erudite (The quacks etc.)



  • The action man (The warriors).



  • The Hidden man (who had the power and was the person who put in order everything far from the reason and emotions. In one version changed of this,Carlos Castaneda called him the anonymous member).


And there was a very rare group of men that it had the three types of people at the same time and they were Naguales, the true leader according to they, was who could be changed in Nagual acepting the price,calling him symbolically the price of the shadow for something that will fill a complete post.

There were some triple men (Naguales) that felt the friendship with spaniards or they were bought, and the Naguales were daily in the fight of death’s door, and it was decided that only one person should be trained which should be known at the death’s door and thats why the spaniards (In the sense of people that destroyed the believes not only to be from the Spain).

In this form the years pased and the sixteen were dying (in other versions were less).There was a moment in what only were only four of the ancients to take a certain control they decided to call lines of sucessors,it’s to say a person could be the number seventeen in the line of three (And Don’t say that was named Copilco).

The different lines were breaking down with the time,and the master (The indian) told me that He was the number sixteen on the thirth line,and other people said that he was in another line because he was the son of a woman that came from another line.


Episode Four

He told me that some Naguales and that I have showed of having the soul of sacrifice to be against of something that I believed wrong,sometimes in the risk of my life. And he said that the knight of disks was the symbol of the pact with the law,of fighting always against the people that only have their personal interests.He add that it was not my decision because I can be a Nagual,and that depends on enfront the spaniards or to join them.

But he said something strange,According to the tradition the Naguales are gregarious, but I’m a Solitary,I mean,that I only have contact with my family and my couple.

That’s why he said that:


  • I couldn’t rise my hand to defense and only in cases of life and death anything attack should be takein account because the important thing are the actions.(The action is a centered intention)



  • If people had problems they’ll come to me,but I can ask anything as exchange,because I only create situations but not help.The people that receive money are cheating on the rest people.



  • I was more of action than other thing then I had to enfront against the real world and forget the protected environment of my past and past people..



  • I should understand to my couple as the second place because the first was going to be the principles that I promised to carry out.The couple always will have the first place as a person,but always there is something else than love (Don’t see it as the brainwash, but as a teorical explication when something happens when you or people say yes to a relation).



  • He said that the important thing is the intent of doing things,and apart from that there isn’t anything.and that in my nature it was not to be defeated.



  • If I understood that I had the duty and the keen on doing things,there are people that don’t want doing them,or they don’t do anything and that I had to be faced to everybody in the things that I respect and believe always without anger or vengeance,only to take the peace.


If someone attacks me, I can’t do anything,but if someone attacks my responsabilities by example my job,I show results and if they attack my family or non related people I can participate.Or in that cases in which I can survive to help to others (I haven’t had anything of theses cases).

Besides that he taught me how to read the cards, the tarot and the hands, he made me totally diferent.

Two of the things that I repeated were:

Be a tree of fruits,not of firewood.

Bless the hand that try to hit you,because takes apart the arrogance. Then destroy that hand before try again.

Some years later I came to live to the Mexico city,and he came with two of his students and he visited me. After one silly accident on Reforma,the Nagual died on my arms and since that moment some people think I was the Nagual according to the tradition.

If someone read the Castaneda’s books,they mention some points that I mentioned and in others contradictory.I want you to be satisfied and if I say that you have a branch or line which I have dealings,but they are not part of my environment and have very strange things about the true origin of a yaqui way of live. Maybe business in Castaneda side, i dont know. I can only do SUPPOSITIONS or ASSUMPTIONS but not affirmations.If anyone has a positive commentary I can hear it, and if you have any-agressive commentary you can tell me, because of which I mentioned above I can respond in my defense.

Greetings,yours sincerely

Alfonso Orozco

What’s the centre tha the Nagual taught me?

There are two principles :


  • The heart on the rock:


It’s not cold like the rock,but the emotions can be used to construct,defense,or to attackat the same time you can throw them as a gun.


  • The action is a purpose:


When there are the cowards,anybody is,and someone is the hero in danger.