Kirlian Photos

Kirlian Photos

In the days that felt (1997) that the keyboard towards rare things, I went away to eat with a friend whom I knew when they snatched his stock market to him per 1994 there. We was chatting on the temporary incapacity that months ago forced to me to react, instead of a to act as always it had done it, and the solution began of a very original way.

Everything began when this friend, who walks in rare rolls but that the mines, (in serious!!!), it commented that in a place of this city they were taking photos from the dawn, says she, but to my it annoyed that they were Kirlian photos, that is to say, photos that by a scientific process record the amount of energy and life to me that the human being dismisses. In some place I have the photo of this friend, but by while I will put the photo of another person. It is possible to emphasize that these two photos are outside the normal thing, I ahead hope but to be able to put other examples, but these photos leave the current.


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Foto Kirlian

This is the Kirlian photo of my finger, same that explained certain things to me. In order to begin, the person who removed the photo it requested to me when I returned by her 45 minutes after that let remove another one to him, because I had the more fucked reserve of energy that has seen. Soon I was checking 10 or 20 photos of other people, and mine really it has much but colors and force that others. This the black part (the bone, I suppose) represents the problems that can cause a pessimistic attitude to us, egocentic and physical complications. The red part, the energy, attention or capacity that we can use anyone in a while; the yellow part the control that we have on that force; the violet-white part, our protective shield or defense capabilitieses, and the blue part intelligence. I thought that the red part exploded, but this person mentioned that no, but that by my power levels (if that heard funny), it was obligatory to me to be in movement, and that the deactivated of a side, but nonlow defenses, had to that I had chosen a life way in which my personal preferences are secondly (26 years at the moment of the photo).

Foto Kirlian de una amiga

At the beginning of June of 1999 I Know an extremely special lady as far as hers personal energy. Without entering many details is obvious that the person has a tremendous vitality, but there are no shades, which makes me think that when it remains without energy, deactivates herself. Another doubt that arises is if it does not have the other shades, or if its instinctive part is but strong that all the others. This second option seems but probable to me because she has very developed the aptitude to feel forces of which we are not conscious in normal situations. It could be that it really lacks barriers (violet-white part), and that its vitality calls to those external forces. Note that is not uniform the application of the will (red part), but by outbreaks that leave a very internal part (red part underneath the finger) (27 years at the moment of the photo).

Foto Kirlian de un joven

This photo belongs to a young man. It was taken in a position different from the finger. Deficiency of all colors except blue and a little white, indicates that this person was at the moment of the photo an exaggerated idealist, who did not have the Earth feet, but nevertheless is a balance that is obvious. Is possible to emphasize that the blue color indicates intelligence and automatic control; but is stranger who being the only color is not but strong. That is to say, it seems that the person was in a stage of decisions and » to see pass the parade «, although note balance, is no intensity. He would be interesting to see a present photo. (20 years at the moment of the photo).